Case Study | STEM Research Prize

The Queensland government uses Thinkable to manage, showcase & celebrate research performed in Queensland.


Increasing the awareness and understanding of the great science taking place in Queensland is one of the key priorities for the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist through their Engaging Queenslanders in Science strategy and the Office for Women through the Queensland Women’s Strategy.

The Challenge

Find and celebrate female STEM professionals in the state of Queensland who are not only making a positive contribution to their individual field, but are also engaging with and communicating their practice to a broader community.

The Solution

Since 2015, Thinkable has hosted the Queensland Women in STEM prize with a total annual budget of $10,000. In order to promote wider awareness of entrants, videos are a requirement, while a people’s choice award allows a global audience to engage and participate in the awards.

Each year around 65 of the highest quality researchers apply and create engaging videos that allow a public audience to engage with their STEM work. Using the engagement and technology tools within their Thinkable prize site, over 140,000 people engage with the prize each year over a short voting period from over 100 countries across the world. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in global engagement and impact for QLD research.

Queensland Women in STEM Prize 2017

World Science Festival Brisbane

Queensland Women in STEM Research Prize 2016

World Science Festival Brisbane