You can now create lasting impact for your cause by funding the most innovative projects, as collectively chosen by thousands of the worlds scientific experts.

Thinkable is completely transparent throughout the funding process, allowing you to design & learn about the best research projects currently available while generating wider support for your cause.

Anyone can host their own research fund or prize using our simple interface. While our unique open peer voting system ensures only the highest quality research to make an impact for your cause is selected for your donation.

We target your donation towards research that will impact your cause.

We provide complete transparency so that you can see exactly what you are funding, and know that all of your donation is going directly towards the best research.

By hosting an open competition you are promoting learning, engagement, and mobilisation that supports all research working towards your cause.


Can I create my own research fund or award?

Yes. We work with you to design the exact types of research you want to support, the rules & eligibility. We then host a research prize or fund on your behalf. It could be for a foundation, in honor of someone, a local business or your own family research prize.

What types of research can I support?

You can support breakthrough research from across science & technology. We host tens of thousands of the most innovative researchers covering 223 fields. From oncology & climatology all the way to cardiologists, nanotechnologists to apiologists.

What are some examples for donors?

You could host your own breakthrough research fund from cancer, alzheimers or ALS. Or it could be a climate & energy prize

How do I make it tax-deductible?

We verify our researchers to ensure only those from tax-deductible universities & medical institutes can apply to your research fund or prize.

What is the minimum prize pool for donation?

Scientific research is heavily unfunded by governments, with thousands of the most innovative younger researchers having to leave their research. All donation’s are important, even at $1000 helps younger researchers purchase new equipment for their experiments or provide for international travel to learn & collaborate with other experts. Up to a $50k research scholarship, which directly supports a post-doctoral scientist for one year.

How can my donation by 100% effective?

Typically about 20-30% of research donations cover administration costs. Since we are a technology platform that is sustained by fees from other partners, we have made are fees for research donors 0%. Yes there are no fees. That means that 100% of your research donation goes directly to the highest quality researcher in need of support.

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